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Baseball Epitaphs
By J. Patrick Lewis


For a Pitcher
No runs,
No hits,
No heirs

For a Catcher
Here lies No-Knees Mick McGirk
Squatted when he went to work
Squatted when he went to bed
Squatting now that he is dead
His casket's only half the size
Of any other normal guy's
Because, no taller than an elf,
Mick could not unsquat himself



J. PATRICK LEWIS's poems and short stories have appeared in Gettysburg Review, New England Review, Dalhousie Review, West Branch, New Letters, Seneca Review, Mudfish, Kansas Quarterly, Sonoma Mandala, Santa Barbara Review, Fine Madness, Tamaqua, Sanskrit, Light, Yankee, Readerís Digest, and many other journals and magazines. He has published forty-five children's picture/poetry books with, among others, Knopf, Atheneum, Harcourt, Dial, Little Brown, and National Geographic. He resides in Ohio.

© 2008 J. Patrick Lewis


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