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The All-Macho Team
By Mikhail Horowitz

Jack Hardy
1B Guy Sturdy
2B Davey Force
SS Steve Huntz
3B Johnny Mann
OF Butch Huskey
OF Darren Bragg
OF Steve Braun
LHP Mark Buehrle
  Jeff Musselman
RHP Red Ruffing
  Bill Stoneman
  Allyn Stout
  Russ Heman
  Joe Strong
BENCH Les Rock
MGR George Huff


MIKHAIL HOROWITZ is the author of Big League Poets (City Lights, 1978). His adaptation of "Cool Casey at the Bat," the classic Mad magazine parody ca. 1960, is featured on the Diamond Cuts: Bottom of the Fifth CD.

© 2006 Mikhail Horowitz


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