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The Baseball Counting Song: A Brief History of
the New York Yankees Under George

By Louis Phillips


Ten New York Yankees standing in line.
One criticized the owner; now there are nine.

Nine New York Yankees strode to home plate.
One struck out swinging; now there are eight.

Eight Yankee relievers, sweet as heaven.
Until one blew a close lead; now there are seven.

Seven New York Yankees hated their critics.
One complained to a sportswriter; now there are six.

Six New York Yankees keep hopes alive.
One manager lost six straight; now there are five.

Five New York Yankees made the crowds roar.
George labeled one "Mr. May"; now there are four.

Four New York Yankees out on a spree.
One drank like a fish; now there are three.

Three New York Yankees hit, caught, and threw.
One played the harmonica; now there are two.

Two New York Yankees thought baseball was fun.
One was called "a fat toad"; now there's just one.

One New York Yankee? A superstar! A winner!
No. One New York Yankee named Steinbrenner.


Essays and articles by LOUIS PHILLIPS have appeared in Ladies' Home Journal, Elysian Fields Quarterly, San Francisco Chronicle, Dramatists Guild Quarterly, Emmy, The Christian Science Monitor, Newsday, The Armchair Detective, Playbill, Family Circle, Smithsonian, The New York Times, and many other publications. Fort Schuyler Press has just released his second collection of short stories, The Bus to the Moon.

© 2003 Louis Phillips


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