June 1, 2006
Dear Subscriber:
You're probably wondering why you have't received a copy of the 2006 April/Opening Day issue of Elysian Fields Quarterly. Please read on:
Approximately fourteen months ago, I decided to run for school board in St. Paul, and spent much of my free time last summer and fall campaigning and, ultimately, getting elected in November. As a result of that time commitment, I got slightly behind in the EFQ publishing schedule, such that each issue we've produced since April 2005 has come out later and later. 
In early April of this year, after being six weeks late on the release of our Winter/Hot Stove issue, I was forced to concede the obvious—that the only way to get back on track with our production schedule would be to skip an issue—so we decided to not produce our normal Opening Day issue.
Although I'm disappointed to have broken my string of 33 consecutive issues published since 1998 when I revived the journal, I'm happy to report that a very entertaining All-Star issue is on schedule to be released in mid-July, followed by a very special World Series edition (our 50th issue, it turns out!) that will mail in October.
More importantly, I want to make clear that no subscriber will lose an issue because of this change. If you're a current subscriber who was scheduled to receive the Spring issue, your subscription will simply be extended by one issue. If you are a new subscriber who was scheduled to have his or her subscription begin with the April issue, your first issue will mail in July.
If you have any questions or concerns about EFQ or our production schedule, please feel free to contact me directly at 651/644-8558 or info@efqreview.com. In the meantime, my apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this change may have caused our subscribers, and I appreciate everyone's patience as we get the journal past this temporary glitch.
As always, thanks so much for your support of EFQ.
All the best,
Tom Goldstein



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